Posted: October 16, 2015 in EVERYTHING ABOUT WORLD


He is stupid, but I like him.

Don’t worry dear readers, if he ever reads this sentence. He knows it means love. He wouldn’t worry at all, he would laugh at it. At least, I guess so. But, shttshtttt.. let`s keep it between us!

His name is long as an old Spanish name, and difficult to pronounce if you don’t speak a fluent Hebrew, but in order to keep it simple, you can call him Dede. I never did it though. You can. You know, there are some people that come in your life to teach you some very important things that you probably don’t know and then, after accomplishing their royal mission, they have to leave. And you have to let them go. Same happened with him and it couldn’t be otherwise. He`s an artist and he`s special. He`s a young, crazy and tenderly wild guy who happened to meet an nicely weird girl and teach her how to dare and not care. What he prefers to do most, it`s to go against the standard procedure. He keeps all the time speaking about following rules, but himself, he never does. Go for it Dede! You little rebel!

So, against the standard procedure, he started taking care of this girl as it was the mission of his life. You know, when you have to take care of a newborn baby, you have to provide a lot of things to him to make his life easier. That’s what he did. And he knew how. Although, babies are not the best thing to mention when you talk about him, because he would probably in an instant reply and say that his dream is to paint babies in blue and throw them overboard. That’s what a security position makes you to do in order to keep the world in peace.

Did I tell you? He was a magician. His jacket was an endless source of anything. He would put out of it food and drinks, like half brown bananas and warm pepsi, and provide this supplies to the girl of his mission, just to make her happy. He would bring out of  his pockets the spiciest sushi ever, he would somehow find there pineapples, grapes, watermelon and of course a plate to serve all of them, what he usually prefers to through it away, somewhere where it is not allowed by the standard procedure. Yeah, he`s a badass!

He would convince you to walk up to the highest fortress in the city for 45 minutes, hold you in his back when you are out of power, give you crispy chocolate to make you laugh and celebrate with cold Heineken as soon as you reach on top of it. He can make you feel on top of the world. And even though your knees are shaking a bit, you pretend to be tough cause you are hanging with a badass guy and you can`t be a goodass!


He would take you to the best spot on the ship for the nicest view at night just to count the stars and for no other reason.. (yeah sure!) he would even call there the police and the firemen cause he`s hot, he`s hot! That’s Dede`s style. Born to be a man in black, a modern kind of Django, the guy with the silent `D`, he is born to have that kind of `diva walk`, with the music on his mind, acting like millions of fans are waving at him.. He got the moves!

Further more, do you know what can he do?

He can ride a scooter looking for a good place for one hour and not reach to the destination at all. Let`s say, his GPS its not the best . But.. he can always find something better and surprise you when you don’t expect. Good is not enough . Good is for lame people. And he`s not lame! He`s a cool kid!

However, as you know, every super power human being like him (as he always dreamed to be another version of  Wolverine) has his own tender side. So, one cold night, while the cruise director was directing the ship completely drunk, this little hero was feeling homesick, but soooo homesick, and his missed his mama so much that he got totally purple, so purple that nothing could get him out of his bed. He missed his mama so much, that didn`t want to eat, to drink, he didn’t want to touch anyone except of his double blanket, which is by the way against the standard procedure. But the little unknown girl, who I`ve been mentioning earlier couldn’t stay doing nothing. She didn’t forget how nice he was once upon a time, when he gave her the magical blanket to protect her from the darkness, cold and ghosts of the old ship. So, it was her turn to do her magic and she stayed with him, looking at him while fighting that purpleness, hearing his deep breath, holding tightly his hand and wondering  how is it possible for an invincible tiger to be so weak and purple. She waited there, until the next days he came into life hotter than ever!

Dede, you troublemaker!

You always manage how to get out of it. As you say, nothing is too complicated. You just need to stay calm! That`s what I`m trying to do now, following your advice, keeping it as simple as possible, looking at the future and not stocking in the past. You made sure for me to take that walk on the wild side, so I did, because of you or not. But, no other vanillaface worths to be remembered and loved as you. And I thank you for all I learned from you. I`ve been trying to show you that, in my ways, weird or not, normal or not, cool or not..

And if you didn`t like my style so far, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

PS: your bff


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