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He is stupid, but I like him.

Don’t worry dear readers, if he ever reads this sentence. He knows it means love. He wouldn’t worry at all, he would laugh at it. At least, I guess so. But, shttshtttt.. let`s keep it between us!

His name is long as an old Spanish name, and difficult to pronounce if you don’t speak a fluent Hebrew, but in order to keep it simple, you can call him Dede. I never did it though. You can. You know, there are some people that come in your life to teach you some very important things that you probably don’t know and then, after accomplishing their royal mission, they have to leave. And you have to let them go. Same happened with him and it couldn’t be otherwise. He`s an artist and he`s special. He`s a young, crazy and tenderly wild guy who happened to meet an nicely weird girl and teach her how to dare and not care. What he prefers to do most, it`s to go against the standard procedure. He keeps all the time speaking about following rules, but himself, he never does. Go for it Dede! You little rebel! (more…)