Gal, the bomb specialist!

Posted: September 24, 2015 in EVERYTHING ABOUT WORLD

I’m sure Gal will have thousands of stories to tell to his grandkids when he will be an old and still crazy man. Of course, if he will ever survive after being 35 and not die in a strange painful way and of course if he will ever have gandkids. doesn’t sound like Gal’s thing. Anyway, me, i would like to tell his stories around the world if i ever meet him again in another corner of the world, where he’s planning to go.

Well, Gal was raised by wolves in the middle of the jungle, somewhere in Kibutz of Israel, which is the happiest socialist village in the world. This is the pure truth, even though he’s going around saying that 100 years ago he was a beautiful princess, who kissed the wrong prince. Imagine a princess with the same beard.. Wonderful! Anyway, the wolves or whoever took care of him, taught him how to recognise a plant from another, how to grow ‘grass’ in the garden, how to tell what is mint and what’s not, how to grow a beard in three days, how to cut the fresh meat with his fingers’ nails, how to walk around the ship’s jungle all night watching everybodys’ business, how to prepare a chicken sandwich with cesar sause in 2 minutes, how to refuse toblerones whenever anyone offers to him, how to not care for anyone except himself,but still taking care of whoever asks his help.. and, finally, i strongly believe that a very specialised kind of wolf taught him how to look like a sick pedofile or like the village raper with one movement of the braze. That’s Gal. So amazing!12030760_1010290369013617_1019610783_n

Have you ever known someone who  always looks like he has the situation under control, and wherever, whenever have a half misterious smile that says: I’m Gal, I’m the boss and you can’t beat this! He will always look so calm and almost happy even when the company doesn’t make his contract shorter, even when they don’t want to make this great guy a chief, even when they give him a long flight, or a couple of flights to go back home, even when the taxi driver is so rude to him asking for more money than he should take (as any taxi driver around the world does), even when a cute, young and drunk girl wakes him up in the middle of the night asking him a beer, even when he’s roomate (the hot one ) kicks him out of the cabin until the chess mat is done, even when he has to be awake all night long in the medical centre, even when.. even when.. God knows what..

What’s else to be told Gal? How crazy can you be? I don’t know, and problably i will never know cuz you don’t post anything in facebook. But, I will remember you and I will tell my twenty grandkids about this friend that I once had. Down there in South Africa, or in India,or whereever you will be, keep being the free soul you are! I imagine you under the sun, next to the beach with two bitches having every woman and being nobody’s man!

That’s what I will tell..

“-Gal, there’s a bomb under my counter! Should i cut the red wire??

-Deli, you’re not in a movie! There are no red wires here!

-What about the yellow one?

-Not even the green one! In real life they are all black and in real life the bomb explodes and everyone dies.

-Thank you Gal! It makes me feel so safe what you just said.”

And, if you want to know my dear readers, the bomb is still under my counter and I’m still waiting for the other bomb specialist to come and save us from this enormous danger!

However, listen to me Gal, the world might have millions of bomb specialists, we know..They’re maybe called ‘batman’ or whatever, but noone, believe me, noone will ever have better eyelashes than you do!!

I will miss you a lot!


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