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Gal, the bomb specialist!

Posted: September 24, 2015 in EVERYTHING ABOUT WORLD

I’m sure Gal will have thousands of stories to tell to his grandkids when he will be an old and still crazy man. Of course, if he will ever survive after being 35 and not die in a strange painful way and of course if he will ever have gandkids. doesn’t sound like Gal’s thing. Anyway, me, i would like to tell his stories around the world if i ever meet him again in another corner of the world, where he’s planning to go.

Well, Gal was raised by wolves in the middle of the jungle, somewhere in Kibutz of Israel, which is the happiest socialist village in the world. This is the pure truth, even though he’s going around saying that 100 years ago he was a beautiful princess, who kissed the wrong prince. Imagine a princess with the same beard.. Wonderful! (more…)