Europe, please be nice to us..



European Song Contest 2014 is going to open its doors this time at Copenhagen, Denmark. Just as these last years, Albania will be there with its representative song “One night`s anger”, selected at the final of Festivali i Këngës, which took place in the Albanian capital city Tirana. 16 entrants fought for the possibility to represent Albania in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest,but in the end of the show, the jury members made their decision and gave Hersi Matmuja the awaited ticket to Copenhagen!

As an albanian, maybe I should be nice to our artists, but I`m not the only one who`s disappointed by them. It seemed to be a really cute song at first, even though it was a bit complicated to understand what it meant. Then, after being selected for the European Contest, we saw that ugly, awful, miscreated, unsightly video clip. It really shocked me the way they made it, because I know they could do it even better. I don`t know whose fault is, but I can assure you all, that albanian artists are better than that, a lot better! It seemed like the authors wanted to present our beautiful coast and our natural resources to our european neighbors. It`s been already said over and over that we really appreciate our country and we all want visitors from around the world, but that`s not the right way to do it. “One night`s anger” might be disappointed itself for not being told as it should.. It`s anger, not tourism!

So, I got a message to the great Europe: Please, be nice to us, because we`re like a little child learning to walk.. I don`t know if we will learn to walk soon, but until then.. treat us with kindness, I beg.. 


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