The greatest internship ever!!

Posted: April 14, 2014 in FOTO GALERI, GREAT EXPERIENCE


First day at work-horrible! First day at Internship- amazing!!

So, I`m taking up a course on media and journalism until June and it`s needed a really hard work by me to achieve what i have to do these months. We are at “Club fm” studio, one of the bests radios on Albania. There`s my friend smiling at this picture and me speaking on the microphone. We`re really glad about it.
It`s exiting for me to be a part of this experience cause it seems so much fun and i`m feeling so grateful to work with professionals and learn from them. We are going to work on the radio speaking, making broadcasts all by ourselves, television directing, tv moderation etc.. It`s a course for journalism students and for all who love multimedia. I`m actually writing on my faculty`s newspaper and that is something I love, but radio and tv are amazing to deal with. So, I`m challenging myself and my abilities on that..

Looking forward to learn more and more..


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