A sad comedy..

Posted: April 11, 2014 in ALBANIAN VOICE, TEATËR


It`s sad how a comedy turns out to be not funny..It happened yesterday while watching a play in the theater. I was expecting that “The Sunshine Boys” written by Neil Simon, to be very hilarious, but I left the playhouse not that joyous. At the most important part of the play, it started raining. We all were inside, but we could hear the noise of rain hitting the roof with all its power. It became very strong so that the actors could not be heard. I don`t know even if they could hear each-other in the stage. I saw them making efforts to raise their voice, but they could not scream more than a human can. The walls and the roof seemed to be so thin, like it was a tent, not a theater. Also, there was no heating in the theater and I was freezing. At a moment, one of the actors came out from the stage and told us: “Ladies and Gentlemen , please wait a minute til the rain quiets down!” We were all disappointed, but what could we do?! We waited until the situation got better and then the play went on.. but there were no more laughing.. I hope next time, the weather won`t destroy what artists try to create..


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